DWD 2.0

Welcome to version 2.0 of Daniel's Weekly Devotions! I've cleaned out the cobwebs, put on a fresh coat of paint, and gotten it ready to return to being an active part of the Internet.

The first change is the URL. This used to be under my personal blog, which made configuration more challenging. The new URL is devotions.summershome.org. I've implemented redirection for all the old category and post links, as well as the RSS feed. Anything that this doesn't catch will be redirected here to the main page. If you run into a link that didn't redirect the way you thought it should, please let me know.

The next change is the theme. The previous theme was based on the famous Kubrick theme, which was the default WordPress theme for many years. This theme is called Fresh Citrus, and it has its sidebar on the right; the comments now support Gravatars, country flags, and a different background for comments by the post author. I've also updated ShareThis to the latest version and changed the icon layout.

The third change was a move from WordPress to BlogEngine.NET. While WordPress has served me well, I really like where BlogEngine.NET is headed. The migration was quick and easy; I spent more time customizing the theme than I did moving the data over. I plan to put migration details over on The Bit Badger Blog the DJS Consulting Tech Blog at some point in the future.

There you have it - a summary of what's new here. Devotions will resume 25 Aug 10 with a look at Romans 3:16.


Tuesday, August 17, 2010