The Podcast (AKA "Audio Companion")

What to Expect

All future devotionals will be accompanied by an audio version. The audio will be accesible via a panel that runs across the top of the post, but it will not auto-play; this means you can read it yourself, read along with me, or just listen. Additionally, we have a feed of these posts, and have registered A Word from the Word across various podcast indexes, so you can subscribe as well. (Updates without audio will not appear in the podcast feed.)

Where to Find It

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Why Audio?

Online reading patterns have shifted over the past several years - especially since I began writing here in 2007. Whereas people used to get their information from feed readers, or by visiting a list of bookmarks on a regular basis (anyone remember the “blogroll”?), information is now being distributed across social networks. These networks often have algorithms that either favor content hosted on their site, or that simply miss links that are shared. For an occasionally-updated site like this one, new posts often don’t reach as many people as they did before.

Another change has been the proliferation of podcasts; what used to be read is now heard instead. Utilizing the same technology that powered the feed reader, they allow devices of all kinds to receive these audio updates. Podcasting isn’t a new technology, but its popularity has continued to expand, year-over-year. Expanding into audio will help spread new devotionals via this medium; and since God’s Word does not change, I will be filling out the back catalog of devotionals as well.


The music that underscores the introduction is “Into the Wild” and is provided royalty-free by Joystock.