Where DWD Is Headed

I've been thinking a good bit about where this blog is headed, and I thought I'd share these thoughts with you.

When I started this, I had what turned out to be very lofty goals for it - a devotional week-in, week-out, well-thought-out and based on what I was currently studying in the Bible. With other responsibilities and activities that I have, I simply have not been able to meet that goal. This isn't to say that the goal isn't a good one; I just have fallen short of it. Weekly devotions will remain the goal (and the name), but there will be a change. While Wednesday at 7am will remain the unofficial schedule, each devotion will appear when I have completed it; if I complete it early, it'll be on time, but it may be late. The best way to keep up with this is via the RSS feed. I also will post links via my Twitter account, and the NetworkedBlogs application automatically posts entries to my Facebook profile.

I've also been doing some research regarding versions of the Bible. I still like the Holman Christian Standard Bible, but over the summer, I was introduced to the English Standard Version. While the HCSB's goal is a more contemporary English sentence structure, word-for-word for the most part but thought-for-thought where the word order may be confusing, the ESV is a literal word-for-word translation, similar to the way the King James Version was translated. Far from confusing, I have found it to speak to me in a way the HCSB has not. Beginning in 2011, I will switch to using the ESV as the default version for my devotionals.

I am grateful to have seen God use these devotionals to bless people that I have never met. I will post what I feel He is leading me to post, when He enables me by providing the thoughts about which to write and the time to pull it together into a coherent post. I pray that, as we head into 2011 and beyond, that God will use this site to bring others to Him, and encourage His own to a deeper relationship with Him.


Thursday, November 25, 2010